2016 Minutes

Our board meetings will be alternating between North/South

North Location: La Dolce Vita 5756 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada

South Location Bardo Coffee House 238 South Broadway, Denver


October 9, 2016


Bardo Coffee House: 238 South Broadway, Denver

Attendees: Jessica, Bucky, Kori, Cathy and Rachel

Meeting begins:

BY LAWS: Mission Statement updated; separate Secretary / Treasurer role; Jessica will post on website that we are in search of a Secretary; remove Chair – just state General Board member, Secretary, Treasurer; discussion around ‘reasonable expenses’ – need to clarify and add ‘as approved by Board’.

WEBSITE: Add “in search of Secretary”

One line for bullets

Veditz picture with quote – one page view

Picture of all volunteers on stage with Nyle signing happy birthday

Archives – for bylaws, minutes, pictures, and financial reports

Create – Events for all events, past and future

Add transcript to the video – Kori will email Jessica the transcript Rachel typed

Add searching for committee members for the Suitcase Party committee

ImaginASL: Notify ImaginASL that we do not want to be an organization to cover other organizations or services – will continue to provide support and assist in finding another organization to be under.

MOVIE NIGHTS: Jessica will check into sources – one is Filmraiser and let us know of how it works, and if it’s a feasible idea

SUITCASE PARTY: Start looking for venues

Heddy and Heidi for performance

Purple will sponsor for interpreting services for deafblind individuals


Venue – start researching for sites

Denver Police Protection Association

Dinner Theatre sites

Mt Vernon Golf Club

Red Rocks


For Friday May 5th – have a Cinco De Mayo Theme / food

Mexican performers

Elena as our caterer

Vera Carton or Rico Tapia as connection for Mexican culture info


-Sabra Carlin

-Christine Pendley

-Shabby R

-Nicki Starkman

-Larry Pike

-James Malone

-Vance Youngs

-Swanhilda Lilly

-Azeria Smith

-Ody Allen



-SOUTH LOCATION: DENVER at Bardo Coffee Shop

Dates: November 6th at 9am Arvada and December 4th at 9am Denver

Meeting Ended

September 18, 2016 


Purple Office 1391 Speer Blvd, Denver

Attendees: Jessica, Bucky, Kori, Cathy and Rachel

Meeting begins:

Jessica reports:

*Now we have veditzcenter.com

Can merge with veditzcenter.org ( for 20 dollars a year)

Board in favor of the .org

.com and .org will be in effect

*squarespace – yearly fee now save 50 dollars

will be 8 dollars a month instead of 12 dollars a month

*postcards – beautiful!

500 postcards available 64 dollars

100 stamps purchased 34 dollars

*discussion about tax exempts – decided to do thru email rather than thru postcards when donors donates more than 100 dollars.

*Jessica will send out thank you letters to the three sponsors minus TIA for the $$ for suitcase party

*Kori will send an email to Kim Gorman for payment from suitcase party

*Kori will add more information to the itemized list of expenses – clear review of information

*Jessica encourages us board members to review the google docs and website. Let her know if there are any changes that needs to be made

*Sponsoring for the Deafhood Monologue

Board decided on $1000.00 (Producers Level)

Free tickets to:

Jessica and Rachel

Additional attendees: Gary Etzie, Rodney N and Elaine N showed up at 9am

Gary – concerns about community having negative comments about VC. Wants to know what happened at Day 1.

Explained about CAD naming the office Veditz Office

Explained about the history of Veditz Center and the name

Rodney had a question about how we got the RMAD 501c and how come it’s in Jennifer Pfau’s possession in CAD

ADD kevin Nolan to 2006 time line for c3 used to work for GLI

Bucky took over and explained timeline of Veditz center-

Rodney brought up- Blog posted by CCDHH Mary Pat Withem previous president concerning questions regarding Veditz Center- Boards was not aware. Clarified if the letter was ever sent to us- No- was a blog post-

Bucky signed out the letter to everyone at the meeting-

Gary suggested that we post the blog with our answers to show transparency

Gary asked questions about YOUR dream-

Boll brought upit is not each of us dream it is COMMUNITY’s dream

Gary agreed- Took the floor tried to understand why the programs-events like C3 was not successful-

C3 very important foundation. Must have.

Now have organizations

1.    CAD

2.    SAC

3.    Rainbow

4.    CDSCC

5.    DOVE

6.    RMDS

7.    Hand and Voices

8.    DVR

9.    CIL

10. CSDB Outreach

Gary – CAD treasure position

CAD not a strong organization. Pointed out that CAD and Veditz need to collaborate.

Suggested Veditz to become a sub-committee to CAD to set up Veditz Center. Once the building is set then CAD becomes paying position.

Colorado Organization for the Deaf -  all organizations meet together (same idea as C3 ((Colorado Community Collaboration))

Rachel suggest Each organization has a representative meet during VC meeting to discuss and collaborate on the VC dream

Include on website

1.    Bylaws

2.    Treasurer Report

3.    Meeting minutes

4.    VC mission/vision film (Franco Korpics)

5.    Add list of organizations that VC donated to

6.    Add list of Events that VC volunteered at

No organization in Colorado has membership fees expect for SAC

Gary and Jessi reviewed the treasure report (2015-2016)

Discussed about ideas of sub-committee with CAD

Jess’s concern sub-committee must follow CAD bylaws? No.

SCDCC considering joining CAD as a sub-committee for Senior Citizen Housing.

VC has money for the overall Building. Each organization can have a sub pot- we help fundraise money for their part of the building.

All organizations afflict with CAD then indicate a meeting

Gary will report back to CAD

            Board requested Gary to give VC update on VPI

            Let all organization know when CAD ready to meet to discuss organizations afflicting with CAD

Ray K thinks that VC should be under CAD. Reason why, Veditz name belongs to CAD.   The community voted on the name, VC

Show collaboration though organizations and then will see VC become successful for the community.

SAC has a building. Suggested all to become member of SAC, become involved to promote changing bylaws and join SAC meetings.

Gary’s community input all think VC should be in North Denver. Jessi suggested near RMDS. All agree should near public transportation. Many deaf live Aurora and Lakewood.  Gary suggested corner of Lakewood and Denver.

Senior Citizen contacted investors in AZ for plans space. Investors to get community input what they want to include in the building design plan.

RMAD paper work. Jennifer had the papers? How? Now papers in Justin’s name.  Bucky states that he contacted the IRS directly himself to change the name.

Meeting ended


July 24, 2016 at Lo Dolce Vita, 5756 Olde Wadsworth Blvd Arvada

Attendees: Cathy, Rachel and Bucky


Meeting started


Purchase INK to print VC stationery cards (for Thank You Cards)

Notify Rachel when done printing for pick up


Return INK and Photo Paper


Invite Ody to the next board meeting to August 14th meeting at 11am


Invite Sabra to be on the Veditz Center Board as Media/Website


Invite Shabby to be on the Veditz Center Board as member


Invite Becky Johnson to be on the Veditz Center Board as member


Invite Nicole Starkman to be on the Veditz Center Board as member


Will send out an RFP for a website designer

Bucky will try to type a blurb to send out on fb


Will continue to discuss after receive bids

Improve Website ASAP – hire professional web designer - $

Continue discussion about hiring a staff person to keep the momentum rolling - $$

Office Manager Duties:

-“Secretary” – attend all meetings and type up the minutes

-Set up wine/cheese parties (monthly)

-Start the process of getting ready for the 3rd annual Suitcase Party

-Website (monthly updates)

-Newsletter (monthly updates)

-Set up meetings with other organizations

-Send out RFPs for website designer

-Set up movie nights(monthly)

-Send out Thank You cards

-Start the Business Planning process

-maintain correspondences via veditz center email








Rachel Boll submitted her vote to hire someone at $10.00/hour for up10 hours a week

Bucky Buckhold submitted his vote to hire someone at $10.00/hour for up 20 hours a week

Up to 20 hours a week or up to 80 hours a month

Discussion continued about the hours and hiring

Set up ZOOM meeting to discuss about hiring someone with full VC team July 25th Monday 730pm

Business plan – invite other organizations to start the process



Board Meetings

Bucky will be out of town from July 26th to August 4th

Rachel will be out of town from August 21st to after labor day

Kori will be out town from August 2nd to 8th

Next meetings:

Sunday August 14th 9am at Common Grounds

Friday August 19th 5pm TBD

September 9th Friday 5pm or September 10th Saturday during day or evening – Works for Cathy…?? For Bucky.. ?? for Rachel.. ?? for Kori


Meet to complete Thank You cards

Send out an Thank You email to volunteers

Have community event like movie night once a month at the theatre – figure out the costs

Veditz Center Email


The email is not being checked regularly

Meeting ended