Our Mission Statement: 

Veditz Center serves to create a vibrant 3rd space for the well-being of the Deaf/ASL community where other organizations and businesses shall provide programs and services which promote dialogue and cultural identity and in turn, strengthens the community guided by Deaf culture values.



This is a 3 dimensional viewof the Veditz Center illustrating what the interior rooms

will look like .

1): The Art Gallery will display the artwork , sculptures of Deaf Artists whose works

depict ASL / Deaf Culture , where the Deaf community can gather andexperience a

place of belonging.

2): The Auditorium is designed with a full stage where one can go to enjoy Deaf

Theatre as well as host Traveling Broadway Productions as well as Guest Speakers.

The theater also has a state of the art drop down movie screen where people can

view newly released movies just as they are made available to the general public


The theatre is also available afterwards four groups to discuss movie reviews.

3): The Recreational Center consist of an indoor swimming pool along with lockers

and showers. It also has an exercise room offering yoga aerobics and even an

indoor skateboarding ramp.

4): The Library will gather and archive a comprehensive collection of articles and

publications related to ASL and topics of deaf culture to provide a one stop and

shop Resource Center

5): The Research Facility will consist of state-of- the-art video audio monitor system

installed throughout the facility to record and notate research projects to stored and

readily available upon request.

6): The Conference Room will be a workshop setting which can be dismantled and

converted to a formal banquet room to accommodate galas and fundraising events.

7): The Business Center will occupy Deaf owned Non Profit Organizations that will

work harmoniously together to provide various services to the deaf community in a

one stop and shop environment.

8): The Civic class room will be used for educating people oncivic matters

addressing life enhancing topicssuch as Orientation to Deafness to spoken

language families with deaf children or assistingdeaf consumers with taxation

issues etc..by bringing in outside consultants from such organizations. The

classroom will also be used to provide training to adolescent groups , teen groups

and senior citizen groups thus providing Incidental learning opportunies.

9): There's even an opportunityfor a deaf entrepreneur to open a small business

within the Center such as a Coffee shop.

10): However this is Not the final draft for the Veditz Center..we still need your

contribution of input , feedback to bring this project to a final completion