Suitcase Party 2017!!!


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Suitcase Party 2016

We'd like to thank each one of you for attending this event showing your support for Veditz Center. As you all saw, this event was a success and we all got to see Nyle DiMarco in the flesh! :)

There is an annoucement we'd like to make to all of you. We have raised $15,614.90 from this event. Again, thanks to each one of you for purchasing a ticket to this event, partpiciapting in the auctions, and taking pictures with Nyle.

If anyone is interested in helping Veditz Center in anyway... through volunteering, finanically, or in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact us at You may email us at that email address if you have any questions as well. :)

Thank you.

Thank you Relay Colorado, UNC and The Interpreting Agency for sponsoring the event of the year! 

Thank you all donors who have donated towards to the event of the year! Thank you volunteers for all of your wonderful help!

We wouldn't be able to pull it off with out all of you guys!